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    Log Insight - Admin needs "manage alerts" capabilities

    nurlai Hot Shot
      1. Admin user logins to LogInsight
      2. There is an error icon:
      3. The errors (on click) show up in popup window


      Problem 1: When this popup window is closed – there is no way to find these errors in UI. Not so important or urgent, but would be nice to have.


      Problem 2: As admin I should be able to find bad alert definition (even if created by other user) and correct it. So, the error “1 new event found for alert: ePass Exceptions". Reason: Illegal semicolon, not in group” tells me there is a problem, but I cannot find this alert definition in admin’s “Manage Alerts”… the reference to SMTP Configuration page is irrelevant here, these mis-configurations are in some user alert definitions... Admin should have ability to edit any user's alerts.


      thank you,