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    Fusion 7 released

    wila Guru
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      Just as a FYI, for people following the Fusion Tech Preview forum.

      Seems that Fusion 7 has been released yesterday:


      Run Windows for Mac with Virtualization: Try VMware Fusion Free | United States





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          mnahum Enthusiast


          This is a good news.

          Any "discount code" available  for the beta testers?

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            frankhsueh Novice

            I don't see a trial license key available for Fusion 7 Pro anywhere on the site. Where can I get a trial license key?

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              andyfuchs Lurker

              I just downloaded the fresh Fusion7 PRO trial, but can't run it - it says 'Evaluation period expired.


              - It was my first download of Fusion7 pro

              It replaced my Fusion6 fully licensed version - now I'm hosed...

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                frankhsueh Novice

                I was in the same situation... good thing I have my Fusion 6 image and license backed up so I reinstalled it.

                This is typical VMware... never get things right the first time.

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                  frankhsueh Novice

                  So I tried fresh install on Yosemite, and it gave the options of entering license key or try either versions.


                  If you already have Fusion 6 installed, try to uninstall it and do a fresh install of Fusion 7.

                  Screen Shot 2014-09-03 at 05.59.50.png

                  Screen Shot 2014-09-03 at 06.00.00.png

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                    wadam1230 Lurker

                    VMware Fusion Technology Preview 2014   the trial key here worked for me

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                      frankhsueh Novice



                      It really should not have been this difficult to do a trial...

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                        andyfuchs Lurker

                        thx @wadam1230!


                        That works!


                        It's a shame, that VMWare doesn't get these things sorted out...


                        Did you compare Fusion 6 to Fusion 7? I don't see big differences... (which leaves me unsure, to spend another 60$ after 5 months of Fusion 6)

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                          vmfanboy Novice

                          I just upgrade from Fusion 6 Pro to 7 Pro and I see a good increase in interface speed in Yosemite beta 2, not as speedy as i which but better than with Fusion 6 Pro. I have a MacBook Pro 15 2012. In Fusion 7 Pro for my Yosemite VM I upgrade to (now available) OSX 10.10, hardware to version 11 and the vmtools. Still seem slow to boot but interface is definetly faster.

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                            frankhsueh Novice

                            Interface is faster, but being able to access my VMs on ESXi alone is worth upgrading to Fusion 7 Professional.

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                              sdsmpie Novice

                              i do like vmWare Fusion...


                              But just yesterday a colleague of mine argued that VirtualBox would perform better ?  what are you saying ???


                              But like other folks here in the forum i don't know if i want to upgrade and pay 60$ after 5 / 6 months of Fusion 6 !!

                              Come on Vmware how about one of those nice 35% coupons ...in my life time as a i't happend to me once


                              So i'm hoping for a second time in my life time hahahaha

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                                sdsmpie Novice

                                Hi guys,


                                i'm thinking of skiping this release..paying €60 every half year is not worth it i think..

                                i Do appreciate the development of Vmware..but in my humble opinion and use case ..

                                I'm ok with version 6 for now..


                                As a Linix admin/student i have two major needs concerning virtualisation..


                                - do quick test , nothing major little things with web servers or mail servers and so on.. (runs ok under V6 and even VirtualBox)

                                - do major clustering tests Multi virtual systems and so on..


                                So if Vmware doesn't provide us  long time users with a nice coupon every now and then ;-)

                                i'l guess i have to investigate a second option for my more complex needs..


                                One could buy a 512Gb SSD "M100" and just dual /tripple boot for the more heavy use cases..

                                The M100 costs €180 ..having done two upgrades of Vmware Fusion Pro and i'm almost there..


                                Once in my second environment i could use Linux Virtualization this also helps in furthering my knowledge of other Virt software..


                                Also taking my Macbook all over the place and starting up Vmware Fusion is a Promo in it self hahaha !!!

                                i don't know how manny both vmware fusion after seeing what if being doing with it... hahahha


                                Take care all..

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                                  owells Novice

                                  The user interface is dramatically faster than the July 2014 Technology Preview. It also seemed to give me all the evaluation time I had left on the technology preview instead of just 30 days.