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    How to block emails but not browsing?

    IReallTryhard Enthusiast

      Hi, not sure if my Guest Player (XP Home) has a virus or not, but yesterday I saw a quick error message with something like "Unable to email the file ...something... to ...somewhere..." I didn't see the message long enough to read the file name or the "to" address and the message was gone.


      I did a virus scan with MBam and Msoft Malicious Tools Scan and it all showed clear. I removed all Comodo "Trusted Files" and "Trusted Vendors" except the msoft ones so that I could see what would ask for Internet access. Nothing has asked since that error message.


      Whatever it was, I do not need it emailing files home. I never use this Guest for email as I use my phone for that and I would like to block all emails on this laptop. I do sometimes check for incoming emails on the Guest so would like to leave that unblocked, but can live with blocking both incoming and outgoing emails if I have to.


      I still need Internet access for browsing, I don't visit dubious sites, so if it is a virus it came from a creditable source, so, how can I block emails only?


      I am retired on a Post-Enron (ba5tards) income and can't afford to buy a later version of windows, so that's not an option for me.