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    Can't Reinstall VSA Manager 1.0

    jwaldrup Lurker

      I started getting a license error and was unable to use the VSA Manager plugin, so I attempted to uninstall and reinstall VSA Manager 1.0 after reading KB Article 2006082.  When I click on 'Next' at the vCenter Server Information screen where I enter the IP address and HTTPS port of the vCenter server, I get an error that pops up stating "Invalid parameter error ."  The space before the period suggests that there should be some type of indication there as to what the error is, but it is just not populating for some reason, leaving me lost as to where I should look.  Does anyone have any suggestions?  I have attached a screenshot of the error.  The IP address and port are correct, and I am logged in as a local administrator, not a domain admin on the vCenter server.  There is only 1 NIC and 1 IP Address on the vCenter server.


      Any insight is appreciated.