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    VM Resume Super Slow?

    Newtdude Novice

      Just checking to see if others are seeing this. Most of the time when resuming a VM, irrespective of the type (e.g. Windows, OS X), it can take Fusion longer than I would expect to complete the resume. I just timed it and it was 40 seconds for a 3GB memory based Windows 7 VM. For some perspective to actually suspend the VM is about 1-2 seconds and every now and again, a resume will take place in under 5 seconds. I haven't quite pinned down how/why the resume times are so lengthy most of the time.


      Are others seeing this too? I also see this under the production version of the product as well.

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          Newtdude Novice

          Also if it helps, I just timed the exact same VM but instead with 2GB of memory and it took 25 seconds to resume. This is super excessive as in other rare times the resume is under 5 seconds. From a system perspective, this is running on a 2013 Haswell MacBook Air with 8GB of RAM and a 512GB SSD (with 116GB free space). There's definitely lots of RAM available and in this most recent instance all other apps were closed and Fusion was the only item open and running.

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            Newtdude Novice

            VMWare, let me know if you'd like some logs or if there's anything I can do to help out in this space. I'd really, really hate to see this issue continue into the production version of the product.

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              Hi Newtdude,


              Thx for using Fusion. What's the host of Mac you used? Do you have sufficient hard disk on host? Can you consistently reproduce the problem? I tried on my env, can't reproduce the problem. My host is Mac OS X 10.9.5, guest VM is Win7.

              And if you can consistently reproduce the problem, pls help collect Fusion support bundle:

              Click Help -> Collect Support Information, and it will generate related log zip file(usually this file saved to your desktop).  


              As the bundle is always big, if can't upload here, pls uploaded to below ftp server, and let me know your log file name, Thx a lot. 

              FTP Server: ftpsite.vmware.com 

              User:   inbound 

              Pwd:    inbound 

              Port:   21 


              Thx a lot for your great effort in advance.

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                And what version of Fusion you used? If it's Fusion 6, could you try to install Fusion 7 Tech Preview, and see whether the problem still on Fusion 7?

                Thx a lot.

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                  Newtdude Novice

                  The Mac host is a 2013 MacBook Pro with 8 GB of RAM and 110 GB of disk space available. Yes, I can consistently reproduce the problem. The host OS is something newer than yours, beta 7 although the problem has been pretty consistent under 10.9.x previously. I'll upload the logs to the ftp site in the next few minutes. This problem has occurred in the latest production version of Fusion as well as the current Technology Preview, Professional Version e.x.p (1943533).