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    VMware Replication and replication network

    kopper27 Expert

      hi guys




      We are configuring Vmware Replication latest version 5.5.1,

      This is the setup.



      We are using a administration network (eth0) you know where web and normal client connects and a replica network (eth1) the idea is to separate loads


      Site A. Source.

      vCenter: eth0=, eth1:

      vReplica: eth0=, eth1:



      Site B. Destination

      vCenter: eth0=, eth1:

      vReplica: eth0=, eth1:




      We setup the vReplica in both sites but when pairing Site A with Site B, we get the error below.



      VRM Server generic error. Please check the documentation for any troubleshooting information. The detailed exception is: 'org.apache.http.conn.HttpHostConnectException: Connection to refused'




      Can you help me with this?

      I don't get why the vCenter-vReplica are trying to contact when it can contact the vCenter using the




      thanks a lot