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    E-Mail Notification with MegaRAID Storage Manager

    VinJordan Novice

      Hello together,


      the problem is, that i can't send automated e-mails at an error with the software MegaRAID Storage Manager.

      The test e-mail work perfectly...and arrived immediately in my post-entry.
      success test e-mail.png
      ...but when i pull - for testing the notification - the sata cable of a hdd, nothing will happen respecting e-Mail notification.


      Following constellation:
      VMWare vCenter installed on a physical Windows 2008 R2 machine.

      Beside, the LSI MegaRAID Storage Manager. At this time the actual Version


      On the esxi-host, i'm testing at, is the version 5.5 U1 installed.

      The raid controller is a LSI SAS-9271-8i with the latest firmware 23.28.0-0010.


      I installed, the latest SMIS-Provider (500.04.v0v52) and the latest raid Controller Driver (6.604.54.00)

      The access to the Controller via the MSM-Software works, a bit slowly, but it works!


      At this point i add notification:
      alert settings.png

      Pull again a cable from a hdd = Still not working.
      I have only one email-adress in the recipientlist (because i read something about problems with more than one recipient.)


      Can anybody help me or have an idea, that the software will sent automated emails?
      Thanks in advance!


      1. i removed email notification from security level "Information". Because when it works i will probably get a flood of mails.

      2. It seems that the software write nothing into the logs:

      Between then and now, i pulled the cable two times and started rebuilding. But such events have to be logged, or not?
      Maybe that is the problem?

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          Jayden56 Hot Shot




          Welcome to communities.


          Are you using any local SMTP server if so then you need to allow IP to send email from this host.

          If not use iis smtp services and use as smtp relay.



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            VinJordan Novice

            Thanks for your answer.

            The Problem is not, to sent E-Mails. Because that just works fine. Leastways the Testmail configuration.

            The Software is just unable to sent an email, when somethings going wrong.

            And this is probably caused, because the Software doesn't log anything.


            I found that:

            At the end:

            Differences in the MegaRAID Storage Manager for VMware ESXi

            The following are some of the differences in the MegaRAID Storage Manager utility when you manage a VMware ESXi server. These limitations apply to the system information exposed through the application:

            • Only the IP address and the host name are displayed.
            • No support is available for the controller health information.
            • The MegaRAID Storage Manager allows CIMOM server authentication with the user ID and the password for VMware.
            • Access to VMWare ESXi hosts is controlled based on the user privileges. Only root users can have 'Full Access' while the non-root users can have only 'View Only' access.
            • Multiple root users can simultaneously login using 'Full Access' mode to access the VMWare ESXi server.Event logging support is available for the VMware ESXi operating system, but it works differently than the normal MegaRAID Storage Manager framework mode.
            • The support for retrieving initial logs is limited to 30 events.  Only those events that occur after a client logs in for the first time to an ESXi server appear in the event logger dialog.
            • System logs are not displayed.
            • The “Save log” feature is not supported; however, the “Save Log as Text” is supported.
            • The “View Log” option allows you to view the logs saved in a text file on the event logger dialog.
            • Refreshing of the MegaRAID Storage Manager GUI after any updates on the firmware is slower for a client connected to VMware ESXi hosts, compared to one connected to a Windows/Linux/Solaris host.
            • It takes a while to discover the CIMOM servers. If you start the MegaRAID Storage Manager client immediately after you install the MegaRAID Storage Manager software (or restart Framework service), you will not be able to discover any hosts in the network.
            • VMware ESXi is supported only in a complete installation of the MegaRAID Storage Manager software; stand-alone, client-only, and server-only modes do not support VMware ESXi management.
            • VMware ESXi is supported on Microsoft Windows Server, RHEL, and SuSE Linux

            So, like it seems, the only restriction ist that i can see only the last 30 entries!?

            but why the software doesn't log anything? :-(