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    "no un-bridged adapter" - and yes, I know this has been asked many times before :)

    Spond Lurker

      OK, so I installed vmware workstation 10 on windows 8.1 update. I got the above error. "No problem" I thought, and followed the community and googled advice, I:


      1) uninstalled vmware


      2) disabled my antivirus (Kaspersky)


      3) ran the installer "As administrator" (I'm a member of the local administrators group, so hopefully anything else that doesn't require elevated permissions would be OK)


      Result: Virtual Network Editor does not show VMnet0, but I see it in C:\ProgramData\VMware\netmap.conf


      #This file is automatically generated.


      # Hand-editing this file is not recommended.


      network0.name = "HostOnly"


      network0.device = "vmnet1"


      network1.name = "NAT"


      network1.device = "vmnet8"


      network2.name = "VMNet0"


      network2.device = "vmnet0"


      Looking at the properties of my network adapter (Intel(R) Ethernet Connection I217-LM) I see the vmware bridge protocol and the vmnetbridge service is running.


      So next I try the "restore defaults" in the network editor - no change. I try removing the protocol from the adapter and I get error 0x80070005 but if i click OK and go back into the properties, it's gone. I can't add it back, because I'm told it's marked for deletion. So I reboot, try to add it, and I get access denied, but again if I close the dialog, and go back, the service is now there.


      I'm just in a workgroup and i have not applied any Group Policies...


      Happy to try any suggestions...