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    Multiple Display Support Addressed in the Next VMware Fusion for Mavericks and Yosemite?

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      Hello Team,


      I am a big fan of VMware Fusion, and I hoped that the next release would address the current behavior for multiple displays in VMware Fusion.  Unfortunately, the latest Technology Preview release (e.x.p. 1943533) behaves the same way as the current version of VMware Fusion:


      If we have multiple displays in Full-screen and I navigate away from one of the VM screens to a different space, I am forced to have the VM on both screens when I click into the VM.  The new Microsoft RDC Client and, according to other users, Parallels do not behave this way and allow you to work with spaces separately.


      Please confirm if multiple display and space support will be updated for the next release of VMware Fusion to allow working in separate spaces.  Your technician's response to my tech support issue (14456314003) is included below.  I hope the situation will change for the upcoming release.


      Called on XXX-XXX-XXXX. Spoke to Trevor.

      Informed him that it a expected behavior as there is only one space created for Virtual Machine so when he clicks on Windows 7 Virtual Machine in extended monitor, on both the monitors he is able to see the Windows 7 Virtual machine.

      Informed him that Fusion only inherits the feature of Mavericks and does not have any extra coding or feature for Full Screen.


      Thank you,