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    VMware 5.5 Healthcheck modification and implementation - HOW TO

    tperas Lurker

      Hi Everybody,


      I've see a lot of discussions about but there's no principal one to join every information to implement the healthcheck to new VMware 5.5 infrastructures.

      My goal is to create this discussion and help people to update, configure and implement the healthcheck script to their infrastructure.


      For now, i've see a lot of information about how to modifiy the perl script to make it "work" with VMware 5.5. Here are the principal informations :


      VMware Power CLI and VMware CLI :


      Be sure to update them to the last version that you can find on VMware support site.


      User rights for creation of a dedicated one :


      In your vCenter console, go to Home -> Administration -> Roles - > Add Role


      Give it a name, and assign all this rights to :


      1. Datastore -> Browse datastore

      2. Global -> Diagnostics

      3. Global -> Licences

      4. Global -> Settings

      5. Host profile -> View

      6. Sessions -> Validate session

      7. Sessions -> View and stop sessions

      8. Storage -> View


      Now, go to Inventory -> Hosts and clusters -> Your vCenter -> Permissions.


      Right click and add permission. Choose an AD or local user you've created before, and assign your freshly created role to him.


      Modifications done on vmwarevSphereHealthCheck.pl to make it "work" with VMware 5.5 :


      At the beginning of the script, change the code to (lines 52 to 55):


      my $version = "5.5.0";

      $Util::script_version = $version;



      my @supportedVersion = qw(4.0.0 4.1.0 5.0.0 5.1.0 5.5.0);

      **********And for me that's all to make it work !********


      Some other people have modified the script like that :


      For each iteration of a 5.1 version in the script, add a 5.5 version in consequence (there's 64 of them).


      For exemple :


      When you have a :


      $aversion eq '5.0.0' || $aversion eq '5.1.0'

      add a || $aversion eq '5.5.0' just after.


      And when you have a :


      $hostAPIVersion eq '4.1.0' || $hostAPIVersion eq '5.0.0' || $hostAPIVersion eq '5.1.0'

      add a || $hostAPIVersion eq '5.5.0' just after.


      Next Steps :


      1. Now, not everything is working for me. The tabs "Hosts" and "Virtual Machines" still empty. -> find a solution about. DONE

            - Trying to give admin rights to the dedicated user. NOT WORKING

            - Trying to update Power CLI, and CLI software. NOT WORKING

            - Start from the original script and redo step by step modifications. OK

      2. Give a new version of the perl script to allow everyone to use it with a "Ready To Use" version. DONE

           - Available attached to the article. (updated)

      3. Refresh healthcheck web interface. IN PROGRESS

           - Design and color changed (Basic modification)



      Feel free to give me all informations to complete this discussion (Corrections, next steps, etc...). I'll try to update with every informations i found about.




      For information :

      I'm engineer in IT. Working on Virtualization and Microsoft Systems.

      My actual infrastructure is based on VMware 4.1u3 and 5.5u1 (Both tested with the healthcheck script)