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    Feature Request: Allow grouping of several VMs into one single window.

    Tob8000 Lurker

      I'm using Fusion Pro to run test environments. A such test environment consists of 3-6 VMs which:

      • Share the same private network.
      • Are always started/stopped together.
      • The visibility of the screen is secondary.


      This is my request:

      Please allow to group several VMs into one single window.


      • The window could show one screen and a dropdown where one can select which screen is displayed.
      • There could be "split" options to display multiple screens side by side in this window.
      • Closing the window will stopp all VMs.


      This would solve many problems. Especially if I run multiple such test environments. A current Mac Pro is allowing up to 40 running VMs easily. I often run multiple test environments with 3-6 VMs each on the same machine and additional developer machines. Having >10 VM windows doesn't help much, neither have them open as spaces.


      It would be great to have e.g. 3 windows: Test Env 1 (with 5 VMs), Test Env 2 (with 4 VMs), Dev VM. Each window could be opened as own space. This would be perfect and very productive.