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    Remote access to fusion 7 Linux VMs without VNC?

    priesemut Novice

      Hi folks,


      will it be possible with fusion 7:


      a) to get remote access to fusion 7 or its VMs in the same way as you connect with vSphere Client to an ESXi server and its machines?


      b) to run fusion as server like you can run 'workstation as server' Because then it would be easy to access a fusion VM from WS.


      Background: I'm running several linux machines on my ESXi at home and on Fusion when on the move. Tired of copying the vmdk-files from ESXi to my MBP before I move and back when at home again I'm locking for a solution to access my VMs on my MBP remotely with native VMware tools like WS or vSphere client. VNC is no solution for me because a lot of keyboard (not english) mismatches and speed, and with Teamviewer I can't get running clippboard exchange when VM is running in fusion 6 on my MBP. And native RDP support works just inside MS machines.


      So I'm very interested into your answers to get my life a little bit more comfortabel ;-)


      Thanks in advance,