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    Cannot run vm's from vmware-run, emtpy datastore.

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        I had some issue with my vmware 2.0.0, but I will open another discussion latter.

        My problem is that I can run some vm machines I have, I read how to run them by vmware-run but 2 machines fail to start.


         Check my current register vm's:


      C:\Program Files\VMware\VMware Server>vmrun.exe -T SERVER -h -u XXX -p XYZ listRegisteredVM

      Total registered VMs: 4

      [standard] Mail/CentosLDAP.vmx

      [] F:\Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4.vmx

      [] G:\Windows XP Professional.vmx

      [standard] QuickB2009/Windows XP Professional.vmx


      Now, I will start the one named:


      C:\Program Files\VMware\VMware Server>vmrun.exe -T SERVER -h 333/sdk -u XXX -p XYZ start "[standard] QuickB2009/Windows XP Professional.vmx"


      My issue are 2 that doesn't mark any datastore, they are empty [], as u can see.


      If I try to start any of them I receive this:


      C:\Program Files\VMware\VMware Server>vmrun.exe -T SERVER -h -u XXX -p XYZ start "[] F:\Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4.vmx"

      Error: Cannot open VM: [] F:\Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4.vmx, The virtual machine  cannot be found


      How can I start those vm? the HD are not USB, they are partitions on the same server.

      I can see the vm files in the disk.


      I had read a lot but no luck, If I can run 1 I can run those two, but how..