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    VMware View, Wyse Zero Client and the Windows Lock Screen

    JHCummins Lurker

      I'm wondering if anyone else has experienced this odd situation:  We are running View 5.2.0 agent with Windows 7 x64 on a 5.3 server and use Wyse P24/45 zero clients for the users desk.  Each desk has (so far) two monitors.  Everything is fine, however in some situations when a user locks their workstation to walk away, it will lock but still display a static image on the secondary monitor of whatever was open there at the time of lock.  So for instance, if a user had cnn.com open on the right (secondary) monitor when they lock, that page is still visible, while on the left (primary) monitor the standard

      CTRL-ALT-DEL screen is shown.  The page (or whatever is still visible) is in no way interactive, and since the image is static, even if the page auto-refreshes you will only ever see the content as it appeared when the machine was locked.  When the user unlocks, both screens go black as they normally do and then display current content.


      Has anyone else seen anything like this?  It's not the biggest of deals, however it would be a security concern if a user left a sensitive document up on their secondary monitor, and locked their workstation to walk away.