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    VM disk files - individual files or one larger one?

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      A general question.


      If I required a Windows server with 3 x 100Gb disks (c,d & e) then would it be best practice to create 3 separate 100Gb vm disk files or 1 x 300Gb vm disk file and then partition in Windows?



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          Three separate VMDK, cause this way you can increase one of the discs later and can move to a different tier... if you have only one big disk, you will may have problem for example to expand the C: and all disks will have the same SLA.


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            My input is based from SIOC perspective (Storage IO control):


            If you have 3 virtual disks separately for running 3 different application in your VM, you can set IOPS shares across these 3 virtual disk & enable SIOC on the datastore from which these disks are provisioned. In case of IO contention, IOPS will be distributed across disks based on set IOPS shares.  If you can procure all 3 vmdks from 3 different datastores, it will also help you to get better IOPS.


            Also when there is SDRS enabled in your environment, with 3 separate virtual disk, SDRS gets more opportunities of both space & IO load balancing.  (It is not mean that we always should create more number of smaller VMDKs , it depends).


            I am not aware on how IOPS distribution works inside windows.

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