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    Do I need to extend the OS disk if my Datastore is thin provisioned?

    Williemac99 Lurker

      I noticed on my windows server (VM) that one of the disk drives was getting low. This was showing 22gb free from the OS. (Windows 2008 R2)  It is functioning as the file storage and print server.   So, I extended the SAN LUN by 100gb, extended the vCenter Datastore by the same amount and now it's showing in vCenter that I have an extra 100gb of space. On the OS, it's still showing 22gb free.  I know that if I go into the VM and edit the properties of the disk drive, and add up to 100gb of space, then on the OS, in this case Windows I can go into disk management and extend the volume I will see the additional space.  My question, Do I need to do this if my Datastore is thin provisioned? Will it not grow if needed?  or am I getting the OS and VMware confused as to how it functions?