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    What is the future of PowerCLI for VMware View?

    kars85 Novice

      Looking at the comparison matrix here: http://pubs.vmware.com/view-51/index.jsp?topic=%2Fcom.vmware.view.integration.doc%2Fview_integration_powershell.5.4.html it's very daunting from a scripting/command line standpoint to manage a View environment in its current form.  I have not investigated what new improvements are in Horizon View 6, but as of 5.3.1, command line management is still very poor.


      Having to invoke a command into a persistant connection server session for each command you want to run is a serious oversight.  Heaven forbid you want to actually perform a task on a existing virtual desktop, like say, remove it from a pool.  The help on each cmdlet could just as well not even be existent.  These are just the few that I've run into while I tried to automate certain functions of a View upgrade process (dev/test/prod) we've got going on.


      Maybe I am on my own on this topic and coming off a bit harsh, but as robust and polished PowerCLI is for vSphere, I find it discouraging that VMware has allowed a tool set to be released to the public as unorganized as PowerCLI for View, especially for a product that has been around for so long.