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    Submit a request to build a VM in vCAC 6.0, but get error

    dltw1963 Novice

      Dear VMware members:

          I use the following for lab in office:

           1. VMware Identity Appliance - Build 1445146

           2. VMware vCAC Appliance - Build 1445145

           3. Windows 2008 R2 SP1 for Iaas Server

          All things are good, the installation and configuration for Identify Appliance, vCAC Appliance and

          IaaS components on Windows 2008 R2 SP1 are all successfully.

          The infrastructure configuration, fabric configuration, blueprints creating, and published items adding

          to service catalog  are OK, but when I used the service catalog to deploy virtual machine in vCenter, I

          always got errors, and the folloiwng is the error logs from vCAC when accessing using Infra Admin

          >>> Home > Infrastructure > Monitoring > Log

      Cannot set the custom property VRM Owner on the virtual machine lab-vcac-015. vSphere Error: A specified parameter was not correct. key.


      Cannot set the custom property vrmManagedMachine on the virtual machine lab-vcac-015. vSphere Error: A specified parameter was not correct. key.


      Error processing [CustomizeVM], error details: Index was outside the bounds of the array. The stack trace is as below:

      at DynamicOps.Vrm.Agent.vSphere.VSphereCloneRequest.GetCustomizationSpecItem(String customizationSpecInfoName) at DynamicOps.Vrm.Agent.vSphere.VSphereCustomizeRequest.ExecuteImpl() at DynamicOps.Vrm.Agent.vSphere.VSphereHypervisorServiceProvider.CustomizeVM(VSphereVirtualMachine machine, Boolean waitForCustomizationToComplete) at DynamicOps.Vrm.Agent.vSphere.VSphereAgentService.ExecuteVSphereHypervisorActionMethod(WorkItem workItem, PropertyBagHelper propertyBag, Action`2 action) at DynamicOps.Vrm.Agent.vSphere.VSphereAgentService.ProcessWorkitem(WorkItem workItem, String task, PropertyBagHelper propertyBag) at DynamicOps.Vrm.Agent.BaseAgent.ProcessWorkitem(WorkItem workItem)

          I don't have too much trouble-shooting experience for these, it seemes to be not so clear to know what happens,

          and Google search gets little helps, too.

          Would you please be kindly to let me know how to fix it? Is there is any option or method to get more verbose or

          meaningful error log for trouble-shooting?

          Your reply is highly appreciated.