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    VM inaccessible, only VMDK flat file left

    bubu16051 Lurker



      After changing some HDDs on my ESXI machine, suddenly one of my VMs became inaccessible (It is shown as Unknown - Inaccessible).

      I logged to the server using ssh, browse the folder from the datastorage where the machine was created and found out only one file having the name test-flat.vmdk


      Searched 4 days long on internet and found how to create a missing descriptor file, so I followed the instructions and got a test.vmdk file.


      Now the final part: I'm trying to re-create the VM, but when I'm reaching the point where to specify the virtual disk I want to attach, browsing to that specific folder it shows me nothing, even though those 2 file are present.


      Any ideas why I cannot add that virtual disk and how to do it ? Thanks a lot in advance.