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    VSA 5.5.1 stuck in "Increasing VSA Storage Capacity"

    virtualnobody Enthusiast

      Hi Community,


      another issue regarding VSA 5.5.1.


      Since it is for testing purposes i would not spend to much time in it.


      The VSA wizard for increasing VSA storage capacity stucks in (last) step "Increasing VSA Storage Capacity". vSphere-Client and Web-Client having the same issue, restart of vCenter Server (reboot) does not help.


      VSA is setup in brownfield configuration using 2 hosts with local datastore having the Cluster Service on a third host/VM. VSA-Datastore is still accessible and failover also works.


      Found a similar issue in this forums, but no detailed answer: VSA 5.5: Increase VSA Cluster Storage Capacity fails