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    VMX cartel ID vs VM World ID?

    RanjnaAggarwal Master
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      What is the difference between VMX cartel ID and VM World ID? anyone who can explain this difference?

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          a.p. Guru
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          The Cartel ID is a VM's Leader World ID (LWID), no matter how many world ID's are associated with the VM.

          Let me try to explain this with a quote from VMware KB:    Mapping a virtual machine world number to a virtual machine name  and a short example.

          ... Each virtual machine is comprised of several worlds. ...

          I created a 2 vCPU VM "MyVirtualMachine", powered it on and ran the following command to get the CPU 0 world ID as well as the cartel ID. After this I took a look at the VM's vmware.log file to find out which world IDs were created for each of the 2 vCPUs.

          ~ # esxcli vm process list


             World ID: 4238

             Process ID: 0

             VMX Cartel ID: 4237

             UUID: 56 4d 1f e3 13 71 a8 99-57 e8 56 20 86 59 89 75

             Display Name: MyVirtualMachine

             Config File: /vmfs/volumes/4feba845-ccf83f21-cd12-000c2976faee/MyVirtualMachine/MyVirtualMachine.vmx


          From the vmware.log:

          2014-07-13T19:59:21.854Z| vmx| I120: Log for VMware ESX pid=4237 version=5.1.0 build=build-732143 option=Release

          2014-07-13T19:59:22.064Z| vcpu-0| I120: VMMon_Start: vcpu-0: worldID=4238

          2014-07-13T19:59:22.069Z| vcpu-1| I120: VMMon_Start: vcpu-1: worldID=4240


          The different world IDs as well as the VM's Cartel ID can also be seen in the vmkernel.log:

          2014-07-13T19:59:21.979Z cpu1:4237)World: vm 4238: 1421: Starting world vmm0:MyVirtualMachine with flags 8

          2014-07-13T19:59:21.992Z cpu1:4237)World: vm 4240: 1421: Starting world vmm1:MyVirtualMachine with flags 8


          Hope this helps.


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            RanjnaAggarwal Master
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            thanks andre for the response. is it possible to kill the vm with world id or only with vmx cartel id?

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              vfk Expert

              You can kill a vm with the world esxcli vm process kill -w <worldid>

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