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    Troubleshooting alert emails not being sent...

    MrBeatnik Hot Shot

      Hi guys.


      I've been trying to get email notification alerts working, but running into some issues.


      What has been done so far:

      • Logged into ADMIN interface, set up SMTP server settings. Appears to be happy.
      • Set up alerts (will alert on anything) in the VCOPS-VSPHERE UI. No alerts coming through.
      • Trying to set up connection in CUSTOM-UI. Test fails.


      So we use ESMTP with SSL on port 587.




      First of all, I'm not sure where to check the logs for the VCOPS-VSPHERE UI.

      I undestand that it will retain the alerts to send for a week.

      • How can I test that it should be working
      • How can I see what errors it is encountering?




      Second, the CUSTOM-UI email test fails.

      • Screenshot of settings attached.
      • Log file says: 530 5.7.1 Client was not authenticated
      • Can someone confirm what should be in the settings to get SSL authentication correctly (I can't find a document on this)?