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    Anyone else have trouble with VMWare Tools?

    tgromak Lurker

      I've got a Windows 8.1 VM that I use in two places, one in a standard VMWare Fusion install on a MBPr, and the other in the Preview version on a Mac Pro. In the Preview install on the MacPro, under Win 8.1, I lost Unity altogether so attempted to reinstall VMWare tools in case there was an update. But I continue to get to almost done before getting an error that "there is a problem with this Windows Installer package..." and the install rolls back. I don't have this problem with a Windows 7 VM.


      Not sure if this is a Preview issue (again, since an identical copy of this VM seems to not have this problem in standard Fusion 6 on another machine).

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          Hi tgromak,


          Thx for using Fusion!

          What's the version of standard VMware Fusion you used? Is that 6.0.x?

          If you use Fusion 7 Preview version to open a VM with Fusion 6.0.x tools, then after VM started, vmware tools will be updated automatically underlying. Will prompt to you to restart VM after update completed. If you try to install vmtools manually at the time underlying update is going on, it will tells you that another install instance is working, can't start another installation as you request.

          And do you try not to reinstall tools from VMware Fusion's menu item, but to uninstall tools from Windows' control panel, restart VM, and then to install tools? Does this work?