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    VCP 5.5  certiication PDF

    Jean Justino Novice

      Good day,

          I was approved for VCP-5.5 DC 03/03/14 day put on my portal appears only the VMware VCP-DC PDF 5.1 (Below) .

          And normal delay to display the PDF VCP 5.5?




      VMware Certified Professional 5 - Data Center Virtualization 19-Mar-2014

      Certified as: Justin Jean

      Candidate ID: VMW-00825313J-00345670

      eCertificate: View Share

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          BlakeLiebold Lurker

          I waited a month and it never showed.


          I contacted VMWARE and it seems that the training group that i took the classroom training typeod my email and they had to converge them and boom there it was. I would suggest getting a copy of the test results and making a phone call. Congrats BTW

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            Jean Justino Novice

            Thank you



                 In my Transcript appears that passed the test 03-Jul-2014 look.




                However as I said not appear the PDF! I've opened 3 called in email certification@vmware.com however nobody answered, a lack of great respect.








            Name Date Hours Complete Score

            VCP5 Exam-CVD (VCP550) 03-Jul-2014 ---- Passed

            VCP5 Exam-CVD (VCP510) 18-Mar-2014 ---- Passed

            VCA-CVD Exam 30-Oct-2013 ---- Passed 12:00

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              Jean Justino Novice

              Following response from my friends VMware, VCP 5 for the certificate and the same.



              Hello Jean,



              Hope you are doing good.



              Thank you for reaching out to us.



              Regarding your Case 14501401907:



              Please be informed that we looked in to the records and verified that you have successfully  completed VCP510 and VCP550. Please be aware that upon passing VCP510/VCP550 it leads to the same VCP5-DCV certification. Currently we do not have an option to provide individual e-certificate for VCP510 and VCP550. I request you to download the eCertificate of VCP5-DCV in order to use further.

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                vThinkBeyondVM Master
                VMware EmployeesvExpert

                Yes, I can confirm here that:


                VCP5-DCV covers all 3 : 5.0 + 5.1 + 5.5. They all are lumped under one certification. If you have already passed VCP5-DCV on 5.1,  VCP 5.5 exam will be just to get updated/learn/revise  new/old features. 


                Certification that you will receive would be same, only change can be validity. (2 years)