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    How can I tell if my disks are EagerZero or Lazy Zero?

    Cheshire755 Lurker

      I have an Esxi 5.1 environment with 4 or 5 server VMs


      Three of the servers are showing that the disk provisioning type was 'Thick Provisioned Lazy Zeroed'

      As an example for one disk for a Windows 2008 Server, In Browse Datastore I am seeing...

      size =  102,400.00KB

      Provisioned size =  104,857,600.00KB

      This looks like it might be around 1/10th of the size it should be as a Thick provisioned disk file.


      In the datastore browser I can right click and select inflate but it says 'Disk is not thin-provisioned'


      I used PuTTy and issued the following command on the disk...

      vmkfstools --eagerzero /vmfs/volumes/DatastoreName/MyVMName/MyVMName.vmdk

      and this ran through right to 100%

      However, I am still seeing the parameters set out in paragraph one above - 'Thick Lazy' and the same size/provisioned size values.

      Does anyone know how I can tell if the disk really is still Lazy or has it changed to Eager and just not being reported properly.

      Many thanks in advance

      PS - the reason I am changing to Eager is that I am told it will give slightly better performance on a server.  There are two servers I would like to change when I got to the bottom of this issue - one an SQL server and one a dataserver with lots of files being stored regularly on there.