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    vm on ESXi 5,5 more than 8GB of RAM

    enthusuast Lurker



      Connected to my ESXi host from Fusion (Connect to Server...)


      I have a debian using 16GB of ram on a ESXi host. (running fine)

      But on the settings of the debian i cant get out of the processors and memory window. I get Invalid memory size.

      Fusion is supporting only 8GB of RAM.


      Only way to get out of this window is to Force to Quit Fusion.

      Screenshot 2014-07-06 01.22.23.png

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          Tonyw23 Expert
          VMware Employees

          Thanks for using Fusion. Fusion 6 local vm support 64GB maximum. The memory settings for the remote vm should show the maximum memory size of your ESXi host.


          e.g. I have a ESX which is 32 GB memory, so the maximum of my Memory is 32 GB as well.


          Screen Shot 2014-07-08 at 3.19.21 PM.png

          So could you click the ESXi IP or name on the library to take a screen shot of your system info on the right side? By the way, could you collect the support information and send me the support bundle as well. Thanks.

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            jontrott Novice

            I can confirm the same issue here, VM with 62GB of RAM allocated on a 64GB host and force quit required to get out of the dialogue.

            Also, when I click on the host it only reports 12 cores for capacity even though the host is using hyperthreading and there are 24 cores available to assign to VMs.

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              wrlominick Lurker

              Confirming same issue here.  Fusion says 8GB is maxiumum but the remote VM is configured for 16GB and only option is to force quit.