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    Cannot see vsa manager on vcenter web client

    jasoneroi Lurker



      I have installed vsa on my vcenter 5.5 system, but I don't see the vsa manager tab on any of my vcenter web client screens. 


      I have tried to follow instructions to enable it, but they don't match what I see:


      on the 5.5 documentation page (ESXi and vCenter Server 5.5 Documentation > vSphere Storage > vSphere Storage Appliance > Troubleshooting a VSA Cluster) it says in step 2:


      "From the Home page of the vSphere Web Client, click Administration and click Plug-In Management under Solutions."


      The only thing that appears on my administration page under "solutions" is:

           client plug-ins

                vcenter orchestrator plugin

                sso admin ui plugin


                vm vsphere update manager web client plugin

                log browser

           vcenter server extensions

                vservices manager

                vsphere esx agent manager


      There appears to be no way to activate it.  Can someone help me? 


      Thank you in advance!