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    HT for badge

    JimmyLeunglkm Novice

      Quick question,


      Can I configure the HT of badge alerts to override its DT, eg: badge|health, like other metrics?


      Im trying the mask all the alert from badge by setting a 0 HT and set the alerts to info level, then filter them when i send the emails out.


      But seems vcops is resetting my configuration about HT in badge. Is there a way to do what I want?

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          mark.j Master
          VMware Employees

          No, you can't edit the derived badge badges. You may be able to append additional KPI/HTs to them, but of those options KPIs maybe the better choice (you can filter the emails based on KPI_HT_BREACH or simply the smart alerts). You can edit when they alert and change color, but not their computation, at least Health. The Planning badges you have more input in, e.g. the config policies related to capacity planning.


          There is a fine line between vSphere UI and Custom UI. For vSphere UI, the vCenter derived badges are king. For the Custom UI, the vCenter derived badges are simply more attributes for the resources.. so more control in the Custom UI side from an alerting/filtering perspective here because Custom UI doesn't give them any real special treatment.


          It sounds like you can likely tone down the badges to an accepted level in your scenario by disable the alerts on color changes for the badges. This can be done in the config policies and is covered in the Getting Started guide for vC Ops.

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            JimmyLeunglkm Novice

            That means I should be able to configure the HT for badge metrics just like any other metrics for the resources?


            I have tried to configure the HT in Custom UI and restart vC OPs, the changes seems to be recorded, but it has no effect on how the alerts are generated.

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              mark.j Master
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              The badge alerts are also derived and cannot be modified in composition. You can add HTs, but it's not going to mean anything to the badge alerts. If you want to get alerts on HTs, you need to use the Custom UI's alerting.

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                JimmyLeunglkm Novice

                I understand that, and I am seeking ways to disable those alerts for badge in Custom UI alerting.
                My approach is to set a very low HT for the badge st. it will always trigger the alert with info status, then I would be able to filter it away.
                I do not want to receive alert from them, but at the same time, I still want the figure to be observable so I cannot disable the collection.


                But right now I see that my HT cannot mask those original thresholds, is there any workaround to do the same thing?
                I'm also avoiding the consolidated alerting, as the alert message for the email is not that readable, as I am unable to get the alert hints ({{AlertHints}} placeholder) working for consolidated alerts.


                Just to make sure we are at the same spot, all the changes I made, and view/alert I want to see/receive are with Custom UI/

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                  mark.j Master
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                  The mask is in the alerting filter rule (notification), not the generation. HT is kicked off by CLASSIC : KPI_HT_BREACH.. whereas badge alerts kick off alerttypes HEALTH, RISK, EFFICIENCY. You can also filter alert widgets the same way in your dashboards. Not ideal, but it's the way to do it.


                  On the consolidated alert, unfortunately in that case you lose a little alerting details in the template.. not the end of the world, but I can understand you trying to get the most detail out of the e-mail. I personally haven't found a work around. Perhaps someone else can chime in on getting alert hint working?

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                    JimmyLeunglkm Novice

                    I think I will be setting KPI HT for the metrics I want to monitor at this moment, just a couple of them for each resource kind. Pretty sure that is not a good practice, but suffice for now.


                    Thanks again mark.j, has been both informative and helpful