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    Has WSX been abandoned?

    virdiza Lurker

      There doesn't seem to be any mention of this feature on the Workstation 10 product pages, and the lack of any recent development updates on this forum is a bit worrying.

      Has this great feature been quietly abandoned?

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          jpiscaer Hot Shot

          The original developer has left VMware to pursue his dreams. If and how this project has been transferred to his coworkers, I'm unsure. I'd not have too many expectations from this project..

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            Brian911 Lurker

            This is extremely disstressing news. We are a very large customer of VMWare and use WSX very succesfully. I would implore VMWare to not abandon this project and to move ahead as its value is incredibly high.

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              vaxman Novice

              If anyone from VMware is reading, please mark the WSX 1.0.2 and 1.1.0ß downloads (64-bit Windows and 64-bit Linux tested) as NOT WORKING with ESXi 5.1 and perhaps make the older 1.0.1 download available again. Like many, I have shutdown lots of services and closed lots of ports I'm not using to try and "harden" the VMkernel-port a little and it's possible that's interfering with WSX (as it interferes with vmware-vmrc, but not vClient).  Also, mutual funds invest the retirement and savings of people around the globe in VMware and it would be very disturbing if something as vital as "efficient mobile access to the consoles of remote VMs running on ESXi" is fried because of the reasons stated by jpiscaer a month ago. Lastly, instead of VM appliances that work with specific iOS apps or VNC-to-HTML5-rerenderers like WSX, why is there no kernel-module in ESXi that makes an X.264 video-stream of any VM console's frame-buffer (using a dozen lines of open source calls), as well as its own (ESXi) console? (Before someone mentions the third-party "cloud" services that provide that, stop and ask yourself what the heck anyone would need VMware in the first place if they were going to rely upon third-party "cloud" services.)

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                fubvmware Enthusiast
                VMware Employees

                Hi Virdiza,


                WSX was introduced with Workstation 9, currently it's not being actively developed, primarily due to the product priority and focus. Although I can't promise anything, I'd love to hear your use scenario about WSX, if you don't mind to share.

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                  Brian911 Lurker



                  Thank you for your response and I apologize for the delay in my response I unfortunatly had to rebuild a VMware server due to drive corruption wich took up a great deal of my time. I would be more than happy to share how we are utilizing WSX.


                  Within our organization it is neccasary to do testing on a multitude of environments and configurations. Because of the need to have all these environments available to all technicians from their workstations we have implemented a VMware server and WSX. It is of upmost importance to have a testing environment available to all users regardless of any programs being installed. This has had a VERY big impact on how we do business and our utilization of VMware. Additionally, we have also found it very useful to be able to have other teams in our organization be able to access our test environments for easy collaboration with no installation of any software.


                  I cannot imagine a better way to serve up testing environments to a multitude of users in a corporate environment.


                  I can expand at great length upon this and give specific real world examples if you would like. You may certainly email me directly as I would love to be able to have a chance to convince anyone of the HUGE benefits to WSX.

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                    fubvmware Enthusiast
                    VMware Employees

                    Thank you Brian for the response! I will email you so you can give me examples of the use cases.

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                      hsdfghfhdsfgdfgdsfg Lurker

                      I work for a fortune 10 and also find this disappointing. When you do resurrect WSX, it would be nice if you could also manage the snapshots through the webui.



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                        mfelker Expert

                        I would love it if WSX development would continue.  However the developer has left VMware - quite awhile ago in fact - and I very much doubt that he or anybody else at VMware will continue the project.  But WSX 1.1 Beta works fine under Windows 10 and I expect it will under openSUSE 42.1 (Leaf) which I'm installing.