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    Performance implications of running VMware (especially beta) on raw disk also used for other virtualization environments

    rakko Novice

      I have a native Windows 8.1 installation on my Mac, which I've been using with VirtualBox when booted into OS X. I recently installed the VMware Fusion Tech Preview and installed VMware Tools in the VM, after being prompted to upgrade the VM itself (which I did).


      But now I'm wondering what sort of performance implications that VMware code has when I run that installation under things like VirtualBox. I never noticed a slowdown in VB when I was evaluating Fusion 6, but since installing the Tech Preview it seems like the 8.1 installation is slower in VB, especially as far as video effects and window repositioning go. I have 2D and 3D acceleration turned on in VB; and I know how to turn off most of Windows 8.1's animations and transparencies to make things feel a bit smoother... but I like the look and feel with them on  The VM also seems to take more CPU/gets hotter than it used to.


      I have 2 CPU cores enabled in every environment (but I know VMware advises against this for my Core 2 Duo system), and 4 GB RAM allocated in VB and Fusion Tech Preview (out of my total 8 GB). I haven't noticed any impact on running 8.1 natively. As for Fusion, the Tech Preview feels slower than Fusion 6, which I assume is down to the debugging code; so I'm not worried about that.


      Am I just imagining this? I would assume that VMware drivers and Tools would just be ignored (for the most part) while running outside of VMware, but I'm not sure. And I know VB wasn't very zippy in the first place (which is why I finally started exploring the other options).