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    Error installing VMware Remote Console plug-in: "failed to install hcmon driver."

    KentYeabower Lurker

      Hello all,

      I am trying to install the VMware Remote Console plug-in for my Internet Explorer 11 32-bit browser, and I keep getting an error during installation: "Failed to install the hcmon driver."


      I have Windows 7 64-bit, with .NET 4.5.5 installed. There is no hcmon anything installed in my Device Manager.


      I am using an x86 install file for VRMC (VMware-vmrc-win32-x86.exe), but I assume this 32-bit version is what I want because I'm using 32-bit IE? Or do I want 64-bit for my OS?


      I have viewed related posts to this problem, but all my registry keys seem to be set properly, and my .NET is of course newer than the 3.5 SP1 version, but hopefully that's OK.


      Also, I received an error about the USB Arbitration Service in my Windows logs, but following the steps outlined here and retrying the install also failed with the same "hcmon" error described above:



      Any ideas on what might be happening, or other things I can try?

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