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    Crashing XP (with final rollup)  file transfer

    IReallTryhard Enthusiast

      Player : 6.0.2 build-1744117


      Hi, I have about 3GB in 34,447 Files, 1,435 Folders to transfer from the local host C (shared folder) to the guest C. I left it running and minimized Player and when I came back an hour later expecting the transfer to be complete, it had crashed at about 30-files and one directory.


      I rebooted the guest, deleted the folder on the guest and started again but this time did not minimize the Player, left it twenty minutes and again it had crashed. No messages just "This program has stopped responding." Crashed at 55 files.


      Any helpful thoughts and suggestion on how to get this to work unattended? I do not want to be dragging and dropping 34K of files.