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    USB headset for Microsoft Lync 2013

    mnahum Enthusiast

      Host: Mavericks

      Guest: Windows 8.1 (last patches)

      Hardware: MacBook Pro Retina Late 2013


      Since multiple version of Fusion I looking for the best solution for this.

      On my guest I'm using Microsoft Lync 2013

      The USB headset (Lync certified) is, of course, connect to the host.


      If I let it by default, I configured Lync to use the sound card who is redirect to the MAC where I defined my headset as a default card:

           Pro: I've a proper sound

           Cons: the button on the headset are not working, I've to use the headset as the default sound device on the MAC


      If I virtually connect the device to the MAC.

           Pro: the button are working properly

           Cons: the sound is not perfect and there is multiple drop, I've to select where I want to connect my headset so I cannot use it at all on the MAC (not a big deal)


      What is the suggestion here?