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    Future roadmap for VCAP Cloud

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      I've been thinking about advanced level certifications and i haven't made an effort to try them yet is because of the fact that the cloud path is still not clearly defined. All the certifications are based on vCloud Director(Except for the new VCP-Cloud) and there are already two major releases of vCAC.

      What I'm not sure is, when will this cloud path be clearly defined with all the products included. I want to be certified only when the path is clear.

      So couple of questions i have are,


      1. Now that VCP-Cloud is released, the new VCPC550 has vSphere+vCloud Topics in the blueprint. Since i'm already certified on VCP-DCV, why would i have to do the whole certification again? I don't see a path like VCP-IaaS just for folks who have finished VCP-DCV previously.


      2. When will the VCAP-CIA and VCAP-CID exams get updated with the vCAC content?

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