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    Orchestrator not registered with vCenter

    jfallow Lurker

      I have recently deployed and configured Orchestrator and have done the initial configuration but when I log into my vSphere web client, Orchestrator does not appear to be registered, and when I test the connect from the vSphere web client, it fails to connect.


      I'm using the appliance version for both my vCenter server as well as Orchestrator and they are both running 5.5. From a high level, I've gone through the following steps:

           - Setting up the network for the IP of the Orchestrator appliance

           - Importing the SSL certs for both vCenter and SSO

           - Registered the Orchestrator appliance for SSO (and tested successfully)

           - Enabled plug-ins, which are all reporting OK

           - Added the vCenter Server

           - Configure licensing to point at vCenter

      All items on the Orchestrator appliance are reporting green, but I still don't see anything registered when I log in to the vSphere web client. I've seen suggestions to configure the network to use either the IP or and have tried both with no success. I did see some people suggest checking the vco.properties file, but I'm not able to find that file on the appliances.


      Any thoughts or suggestions?