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    Update Manager cannot connect to vCenter Server. Incompatible.

    sesshii Lurker

      Hi! I'm a student and trying to learn how VMware vSphere works.

      I have set up the VMware vPhere server on a blade server and connected to it directly on a LAN with a client PC that runs the vSphere client. I can connect to it and remote control the viritual servers that i have set up. But now i wanted to move on after understanding the basics work and move on to the update manager.

      But as i try to install it i get this message: The vCenter is incompatible with the VMware vSphere Update Manager you are installing. Please select a compatible vCenter Server.


      The thing is that i use the same vSphere 5.1 to install my server as to install the client and now the update manager but still get this error. both of them are from the same image, so how can i get this message?