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    Snapshot : Consolidated Helper - 0 How safe is it to delete this ?

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      I would like to know how safe is it to delete this snapshot and what are the pre-requisites for this.

      We are using Veeam backup in our environment and it has created serveral hidden snapshots after the hidden snapshots are removed by "delete all" we are still lett with this snapshot.

      VMware KB:     Delete All snapshot operation results in a Consolidate Helper snapshot when a datastore has insufficient …

      The above article describes the exact situation we are facing in your environment now.

      I would like to know how to safely remove it.

      I've included the screen captures for your reference.



      Re: Removing Consolidate Helper - 0

      this discussion is very useful to understand how to remove the snapshot, but in my case its thick provisioned disks.


      since its a production server i would like to know

      1.what are the risks involved in deleting Consolidated-helper -0 snapshot.

      2.pre-requisites on datastore level, provisioning level that are to be considered .


      Requesting some guidance.