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    Upgrade from 5.1u1 to 5.5 - specifically SSO

    ShawnPD Novice


      This may be answered else where but could not find anything definitive.  We are planning to migrate to 5.5.  Right now we have all components (with the exception of the web client service) on separate virtual machines.  For our upgrade process we planned on consolidating. If the 5.5 sso is installed on the same Windows virtual machine as the Virtual Center, at what point do we shut down the existing separate 5.1 sso virtual machine?  Is it even relevant?

      The plan, if all goes well is to install all of 5.5 in one continuous operation...that is install sso, then the   5.5 web client, then the Inventory Service, vCenter server and finally VUM.

      Am I over thinking this?

      Any ideas thoughts would be greatly appreciated!