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    Do logical processors constitute as pCPU's for calculating pCPU to vCPU ratios?

    kdbinger Novice

      I have been trying to get a solid answer of what constitutes as a pCPU.  In vCenter, if you click on a cluster > summary you get a total of "Processors."  This number, however, is the summation of core count for all the hosts in the clusters.  In the article from zdnet (http://www.zdnet.com/virtual-cpus-the-overprovisioning-penalty-of-vcpu-to-pcpu-ratios-4010025185/) he mentions that logical processors (when hyperthreading is turned on) are to be counted as pCPU's when determining your pCPU to vCPU ratio for CPU Ready Times (or the vm processor scheduler).


      Ultimately, this is what I am trying to determine (i.e. what my pCPU to vCPU ratio is).  We have a lot high of CPU Ready Times and I'm trying to determine how much net new hardware (pCPU's) I need to order (please consider that we are already pursing right sizing vm's and do not need information on ready times per se; rather, just trying to get the low down on what constitutes as pCPU's here and/or how the VM scheduler works with logical processors).


      Thanks in advance!