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    Question about using Pools

    LarryTech Novice

      Our old system was vmware infrastructure and vdm admin and when I wanted\needed to entitle >1 user to a VM it was easy, just go into vdm administrator and entitle and add users that would need to login to VM

      some of our VM's have multiple users say 1 on each work shift.


      now we use:

      vsphere 5.5 and vm horizon view 5.3

      I create an automated pool\untick the enable automatic assignment and add my VM's to the pool

      This is great when I have a VM that only will be used by a single user, I just click on VM and entitle and choose the user

      but when I need the above situation, such as needing to have several users at various times use the same desktop then this is a problem.

      Since I have already already entitled a user to the desktop it won't let me entitle another user to the same desktop.


      the user assignment is called dedicated assignment, I'm adding an Individual entitlement

      If I were to try to add an additional user to  the VM, what it does is remove the 1st user and adds the 2nd user so basically I'm left with only the last user that I entitle to the VM


      I unticked the automatic assignment above because I want my users always to login to the same desktop everytime.


      Is there any way I can create a Pool and within that Pool have multiple users be able to login to the same desktop, (of course at different times)?