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    getCustomFiled failing after upgrade to 5.5

    mbrkic Hot Shot


      After upgrading Orchestrator to 5.5 I can no longer run the "getCustomField" action (nor the "Get Custom Attribute" workflow which calls that Action) successfully. I am getting the following error:


      TypeError: Cannot read property "length" from undefined (Dynamic Script Module name : getCustomField#11)


      After a short investigation it seems like VcVirtualMachine.vimHost.customFieldsManager.field is returning null (i.e., no custom attribute definitions are returned in the field array). If I browse through the mob tree for the same vCenter I can see the customFieldDef array without problems.


      The vCenter is still at 5.1 and the vCO is now 5.5 and so is the vCenter plug-in.


      Is anyone else seeing this?