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    Task Manager Physical Memory Usage Not Matching Process Usage

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      I have seen this topic discussed her before, but I didn't get a clear understanding what is going on here.



      - I have a windows server 2008 with 8GB or ram configured, with limit set to unlimited, and reservation set to 8GB.

      - When looking at Task Manager, I see Physical Memory at 88%, and the the bar reads out to 7.10GB.

      - When adding up all the Processes usage of memory, it only comes to around 2GB.

      - In another thread i read this was because there was a limit set, and ballooning started.

      - I monitor the server via SNMP, and am alerted out all the time that this server reaches over 90% ram utilization.


      - Is the Guest Server's Task Manager's Physical Memory usage correct?

      - If it is not, and is caused by the ESX host, how can i correct this to properly monitor the Guest Server.





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          The issue here is how windows works,

          You have reserved memory and have no limit so there is zero ballooning which in some cases will show VMs to appear they have high memory usage when they actually dont.


          The processes that task manager displays is not all that is running or being consumed, i know when working with SQL you have AWE which can use a ton on memory but there is no proccess to show this.

          Best thing to do is run RAMMAP a sys internals tool this will show you exactly what is using the memory in windows.