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      SpamTitan allows you create a Email Security Appliance for your Gateway

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          siliconjunkie Lurker

          I would only rate this 3/5 stars.


          Primarily for 2 reasons:


          1) Root password is not included, boot into single user took care of that

          2) I am not a fan of commercializing open source products.

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            brugh Expert

            i would rate this 1 star since it's just an installed version of a downloadable iso. i can do that myself; why would this appliance be anything special

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              spamtitan Lurker

              We do offer two versions of SpamTitan, one an ISO and the other for VMWare. The feed back to date from those using and purchasing the product has been extremely positive

              If you get a chance to download and try SpamTitan we would be interested to hear your feedback.

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                TREC_Net Lurker

                I would rate SpamTitan with 5 stars.  Here's why.


                1.  It  [u]REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY /u[/b] works!

                2.  Customer support has been outstanding.

                3.  Working at a small state agency with no budget and little money to stem the flow of spam that inundates us every single day, the price is right.

                4.  Maintenance cost per year is more than reasonable.

                5.  It runs on VMware Server (free) on an existing Win2K3 server.  This makes it platform independent.  I can run it on anything that can run VMWare Server, Linux or W2K/W2K3.

                6.  The Spamtitan folks have done all the work for me.  It updates itself so maintaining it does not take up allot of time!

                7.  The interface is well designed.

                8.  Did I mention how accurate it is...  I've examined allot of email the last few days.  5 FP's out of 16000 emails as of this writing.  That's as good as the most popular spam solution, that by the way, uses alot of the same components and cost... well you get the picture!

                9.  In my opionion, you are paying for three things.  The interface, the process development, to automate most of the maintenance, and the support.  It's a big deal in goverment circles, supportable software!

                10.  The users love it!

                11.  If your a small shop, with no money, no time to learn and build your own, new to the world of email admin and you have a real problem with spam, this is the answer. 


                Yes...  There are other answers to spam, but for my situation, this one works the best!  Highly recommended!

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                  RonanKavanagh Novice

                  Spam, can you see it?



                  SpamTitan, the market leader for virtual email appliances have just announced the latest release, Version 4.04, to combat the increased activity in image based spam.


                  This recent initiative from spammers to try and subvert traditional anti spam techniques uses a graphical image to carry the spammer’s message. Text in imbedded in an image and frequently appears to the user as a normal text email. Traditional spam checkers see this as an image and have very little to use to analyses its content to define it as spam or genuine email. This category of spam email has increased to significant proportions and has been reported to account for upwards of 25% of current spam.


                  SpamTitan’s use of Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology allows the anti spam diagnostic engine to analyse and identify text within these images. This text is then compiled and used in conjunction with the existing anti spam rule set to determine if that email is spam or not. 


                  SpamTitan’s OCR technology is available now on SpamTitan for VMware© and SpamTitan ISO, each offering 99% spam detection , dual anti virus engine including Kaspersky Labs and end user quarantine facilities. Both of which are free to download from the SpamTitan website, www.spamtitan.com.

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                    vmit Lurker

                    I think this product is well done. It is easy to setup and use, well documented, and Filters SPAM as promised.


                    Even if it is based on open source software, it's about putting it together in an easy to deploy package. The ISO comment is irrelevant, sure you can install it from CD, but it's one less step to take. For quick testing and evaluation go with the Virtual Appliance.

                    • 7. SpamTitan for VMware New Version Release 4.05
                      RonanKavanagh Novice

                      SpamTitan are delighted to announce the latest version release of our virtual appliance which can be downloaded for free 30 day evaluation from our website- www.spamtitan.com.

                      Version 4.05 includes:


                      \* New: Revamped user interface including system dashboard that allows an overview of system status and mail volumes.

                      \* New: Added ability to import list of domains during configuration. This is particularly for sites that are handling 100s or even 1000s of domains.

                      \* New: Added mail queue management functionality. This allows you to view, hold, release, requeue and delete messages in the SpamTitan mail queues. The mail queue management interface may be accessed from the daashboard.

                      \* New: Spam score can now be included in the Subject of spam messages that are forward when the policy is 'Tag and Pass'. To specify the spam score in the Subject of passed spam messages add the string \_SCORE_ to the spam subject tag. This will be substituted with the actual score.

                      \* New: Added new report 'Top Senders'

                      \* New: Administrator may now forward quarantined messages to his/her own email address for inspection. This is available from the Options tab of the quarantine mail viewer. It is now also possible to Release, Delete or Whitelist a message directly from the quarantine mail viewer.

                      \* New: If configuring a HTTP proxy, can now also specify proxy uthentication credentials if required.

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                        rmitchell9 Enthusiast

                        I am very happy with Spam Titan. Support is excellent, the reporting is great. The install is simple. I am testing it out on the trial and so far it is everything I expected. I feel much better preventing spam and viruses from even getting to the mail server. It also performs OCR on images to help prevent image spam.



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                          misgci Lurker

                          I am very happy with this product.  Very easy to use, very reasonably priced, and has provided excellent results for us over the past 4 months.  Tech support is also good.

                          • 10. Re: SpamTitan
                            RonanKavanagh Novice

                            SpamTitan Gains by Developing the SpamTitan for VMware Virtual Appliance

                            Thursday, April 19, 2007

                            9:00 AM PDT


                            SpamTitan for VMware is a complete operating system and software suite designed to run in a VMware machine. Using VMware software, this will enable you to run SpamTitan on any server irrespective of the operating system affording you all the benefits associated with a virtualized environment.


                            Attend this webinar and learn:


                            *How developing a virtual appliance has positively impacted SpamTitan in areas of deployment, logistics, and support.

                            *How the SpamTitan for VMware Virtual Appliance has enabled the company to deliver value to its customers more efficiently

                            *How SpamTitan's customers have experienced performance, version upgrades, back up and redundancy benefits by deploying its virtual appliance

                            *How SpamTitan's product roadmap addresses customer challenges and helps the market expansion of its virtual appliance


                            Register at url=https://vmwareevents.webex.com/mw0302l/mywebex/default.do?siteurl=vmwareevents&service=6&main_url=%2Fec0507l%2Feventcenter%2Fmainframe.do%3Fmainurl%3Dhttps%253A%252F%252Fvmwareevents.webex.com%252Fec0507l%252Feventcenter%252Fprogram%252FprogramDetail.do%253FtheAction%253Ddetail%2526siteurl%253Dvmwareevents%2526cProgViewID%253D118%26siteurl%3DvmwareeventsVMware Event Center[/url]


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                            • 11. New Version Release including Multi language and BotNet Detector
                              RonanKavanagh Novice

                              SpamTitan are delighted to announce the release of the latest version of SpamTitan for VMware, Version 4.07. The release includes several upgrades to the spam detection engine and anti virus products to maintain the highest levels of email protection.


                              Highlights of the release include:


                              The first of a series of multi language packs including Japanese, French, Czech and Spanish. Future immanent releases will also include Italian, Portuguese Thai, Chinese, German and Dutch.


                              BotNet Detection Plug in. This plug in, disabled by default, will identify if a mail has originated from a botnet. This is a significant development due to the continued high proportion of botnets currently operating and propagating spam on the internet. Based around DNS technology the plugin looks at email source information and identifies anomalies associates with botnet activity.


                              Advanced Optical Character Recognition module. Graphic based spam continues to increase and now accounts for in excess of 30% of all spam. While its volume is increasing so too is its complexity and speed of alteration as spammers try and subvert the techniques in place to identify it. This latest module adds to the existing SpamTitan OCR technology to deal with these latest developments and to identify and block new emerging graphic based spam techniques.


                              This release can be downloaded via the Update section on our interface.


                              A 30 Day Free Trial of SpamTitan can be downloaded at www.spamtitan.com

                              • 12. Re: New Version Release including Multi language and BotNet Detector
                                dotcom Novice

                                The product looks great...


                                But the pricing is ridiculous! 


                                I use a very high-end mail server that I have purchased the most expensive license to.  It is not based on open source software, and they have added over 30 custom features for me over the years...  they work hard for their money...  the license I have allows me to create an unlimited cluster of mail servers, with the capacity to support millions of users.  And for that I paid a fraction of what you charge for 5000 users.  And it stops the spam too, botnet and image spam has never gotten through to my mailbox, and the end-users have full control of their settings, and each server holding data is part of a mirrored pair, so we can survive a major hardware failure without loosing any mail.  Surgemail!


                                Your price is way too high!

                                • 13. Re: New Version Release including Multi language and BotNet Detector
                                  RonanKavanagh Novice

                                  We feel that a 5000 user license for $4000 is very competitive for the solution offered, considering it included all updates, maintenance and support plus Kaspersky AV. The fact that it is an out of the box solution that is also available as a virtual appliance further reduces TCO.

                                  • 14. Re: SpamTitan
                                    Perkle Lurker

                                    I've been using this product for a few months now and I must say I am very impressed with the spam detection accuracy compared to the product we previously used. Our users are quite for a change! The reporting is quite good also - especially the PDF reports.

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