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    vmware esx 2.5.5

    venugs Novice

      Hi members,


      Good Day!..


      Need support with a weird issue that is occuring while we do a vmotion between 2 esx hosts v. 2.5.5.

      I know these are old but when ever we try to migrate of a VM it throws the following error


      "Validate Migtation Exception: A General system error occured : vmacore exception during legacy resource check"


      and the "Next" button is grey'd out.


      However when i try to drag / drop it to the host its taking me to the last step to migrate, which i am not sure if i proceed may fail due to the above error.


      requesting your support on any ideas on how to overcome this.


      shared datastore - checked.

      same network - checked

      same hardware - checked.

      same DC - checked.


      Thank you... and do let me know if you need any further details.