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    View 5.x PCOIP Black screen on reconnecting

    simonalexander Lurker



      Hoping people can throw suggestions and ideas forward on this one.


      Our View deployment is accessible internally and over the net through a security server (PCOIP Gateway) setup.


      We have an ongoing problem where users get the PCOIP black screen when reconnecting to their desktops.


      2x scenarios where this can happen (not every time, maybe 1 out of 5 times):


      User is working on LAN and then disconnects, Goes home and connects over the Internet. Session establishes but user gets a black screen.

      User is working over Internet and then disconnects, Comes into the office and connects on LAN. Session establishes but user gets a black screen.


      If we reset their virtual desktop, everything works again. If they log off the virtual desktop instead of disconnecting, everything works fine.


      I am assuming the problem is because the protocol/port is "owned" by the disconnected session. Although the PCOIP logs appear to show valid disconnection and "connection closed" entries.


      I have checked KB: 2003767 and we don't have a policy enforcing the lock thingo


      Any help appreciated.