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    Create a heat map for different storage tiers

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      Thought this would be an easy one but as usual I was wrong!

      I would like to create a two 2-column dashboard for all of one specific type of storage (in this case by the name we labeled we the datastore...)

      First, I want to create a resource type widget for all of the datacenters

      Second a heat map widget that will show when commands per second is good trending to not so good.

      The heat map widget should be a receiver from the Resources widget so when I select datacenter A the status of the datastore will be a displayed in the heat map widget

      For the Resources widget I have filtered by Resource Kinds Cluster Compute Resources

      Changed the interactions so that Resources is the Providing Widget to the heat map (receiveing widget)

      For the heat map widget I have s selected group by cluster compute resource then by datastore, mode is instance, resource kinds is cluster compute resources, attribute kind is comands per second


      So the first issue...when I select on any cluster in the resources widget, all of the clusters show up not just the one of intrest

      Second I only want a specifc type of storage so I thought I could go in and manually select to filter on just the datastores (Select which tags to filter |DataStores| specifc datastores) and when I save it in the heat map widget "No data available" shows up...regardless of which clustert I select in the resources widget!


      If I remove the tage which I am filtering on then all of datastores show up in the heatmap (cps_fail_less)


      Any ideas a) how to get the interaction to work correctly so just a single, interesting cluster shows up in the heat map b) how to filter for just the interesting datastores not all of the datastores in the cluster


      Let me know if I need to provide more info for you you to help me out!  Thanks!

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          In regards to that issue you have with “no data available” after filtering on the cluster with the datastore heat maps, this is actually expected behavior as filters only work between a parent and its immediate child.  Datastore is an immediate child of ESXi Host and VM but not of a cluster.  That is why when you select cluster as a filter you get no data.


          I have written about this sometime ago but I was looking at usage threshold HERE  but same would apply.


          best thing to do is create a dynamic group for data stores with object type = datastore and descendant of = clustername then use that group


          I use it for my cluster health tabs so they are self providing widgets.


          To do what you want, the resource widget would have to be made up of the groups you create and then the heatmap widget would be setup as normal for datastore metrics, that way it will only display the datastores in the dynamic group selected(cluster) which is what you are after, just a roundabout way of doing it.