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    How to extend C: Drive in workstation?

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      I have a 2008 r2 server with C: D: Drives with 40 GB In my workstation. I have install vcenter server on it.


      In C: drive i have 500 MB free space only. So I want to extend that particular C: drive with 10 GB more space.

      How can i extend C: drive in workstation? that is my vcenter server. Can anyone plz specify step by step process?


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          go to "edit VM settings" in workstation. Select the disk and expand it to the desired size.


          After that you need to expand the NTFS on that disk as well.


          If you only got the C: partition on that disk and the D: on a seperate VMDK, you can simply go to volume management inside windows and expand the C: partition.

          If not you can boot a live linux like knoppix inside the VM and use gparted to move and extend the C: partition.