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    VSA Installation Error: Failed to power on VSA VM

    ngenta Lurker

      I'm trying to install VSA in my lab using two ESXi hosts for the VSA cluster and a third ESXi host with vCenter Server and VSA Manager.


      This is my configuration:


      Two identical ESXi 5.5 hosts with 4GB RAM and 500GB HDD

      A third ESXi 5.5 host with 8GB RAM and 1TB HDD running a Windows 2008 Server vCenter 5.5 VM and VSA Manager

      Using network

      Not using VLANs


      I set up all three ESXi hosts with static IPs, configured DNS, etc. Then I logged into vCenter, created a new datacenter and added the hosts. I'm using the VSA Manager tab to perform the installation.


      The installation gets to a point where the VSA VMs are being configured and then an error occurs and rollback starts. The error message is:


      "Cannot create VSA cluster: java.lang.Exception: Failed to power on VSA VM."


      I edited the file %ProgramFiles%\VMware\Infrastructure\tomcat\webapps\VSAManager\WEB-INF\classes\dev.properties and changed the property svaservice.detect.time from 3 minutes to 15 minutes but it didn't make any difference. The error occurs right away.


      Then I changed the property vm.rollback from true to false to turn off rolling back of the VMs installation. When the error ocurred one VSA VM was powered on but the other one was powered off. I tried manually powering on the VSA VM and it powered on without issues.


      I can't think of anything else to try at this point.


      VSAManager.log is attached.


      Any help anyone can provide is much appreciated!