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    SRM 5 without plugin for san based replication

    mtrento Novice


      I have a general question about srm

      I want to use srm for drp on two sites and i have two vmware clusters one prod, other drp and test. I want to use san replication because of the 15 minute rto of srm replication.

      Alas the san (sun zfs) does not have proper plugin to be integrated in srm 5.

      The question is : can srm be used to “manage” vm status and “launch” in some way the recovery plan custom scripts?.  

      In other words, with san based replication, can srm be of any use without proper san plugins?


      Thank you




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          TimOudin Hot Shot

          Short story, SRM would be of absolutely no use without a SRA (SRM storage adapter) specific to the storage array.  There'd be nothing to protect as no replicated virtual machines would be visible to SRM, therefore nothing to manage or launch...


          Sorry for the bad news, but SRM is just largely just an orchestration engine and 100% dependent upon the storage specific SRA for all communication with the underlying replication technology (vSphere Replication being the obvious exception).


          Tim Oudin