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    Create VM from Microsoft Backup

    rsg37040 Lurker

      I want to know if it is possible to create a virtual machine from a Microsoft Backup.

      I could provide a simple vhd file or a complete bare metal from Data Protection Manager 2012.

      Has this ever been done?


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          VirtualRay Hot Shot

          I did it with commvault. but i think DPM can give you a folder of your VM ...


          You have to install a new VM with the same service pack etc.It must not be a domain controller. hotfixes should be the same as well.

          then you can apply a system state restore to this new VM and once it done it will ask you to reboot and once you reboot it will come up with old vm name/settings/configurations.


          if you have vhd file you have to convert it to vmdk and if you got a full folder you can just register it with your VC and power it up.